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Tawni Ferrarini

National Association of Economic Education
Tawni Hunt Ferrarini is the 2015 president of the National Association of Economic Education (NAEE.) Her scholarship, service to the profession and work for the Council on Economic Education has helped her garner an international reputation as a leader on both the use of technology in the classroom and the integration of economics into American history and other subjects. She successfully teaches a variety of online courses and employs technology tools to structure successful face-to-face courses and workshops. Dr. Ferrarini is co-author of Common Sense Economics (2010). She is also widely published in economic education, technology and education journals on how to effectively employ technology and successfully motivate the current generation of multi-media students. She regularly writes for newspapers on economic education, entrepreneurship and personal finance. Her accolades include receiving the 2012 Council for Economic Education's Albert Beekhuis Award, the inaugural National Association of Economic Educator's Abbejean Kehler Award, the 2009 Michigan Economic Educator of the Year Award and one of three 2009 NMU Distinguished Faculty Awards. She earned her doctorate in economics from Washington University, where she studied under the 1993 Nobel laureate Douglass C. North.