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Richard Crepeau

University of Central Florida
Richard C. Crepeau is a professor of history at the University of Central Florida and former president of the North American Society for Sports History. He is the author of Baseball: America’s Diamond Mind, 1919-1941. In his new book, NFL Football: A History of America’s New National Pastime, Crepeau shows how Commissioner Pete Rozelle’s steady leadership guided the league’s explosive growth during the era of Monday Night Football and the Super Bowl’s transformation into a mid-winter spectacle. Crepeau also delves into the league’s masterful exploitation of media from radio to the Internet, its ability to get taxpayers to subsidize team stadiums, and its success in delivering an outlet for experiencing vicarious violence to a public uneasy over the changing rules of masculinity. Probing and learned, NFL Football tells an epic American success story peopled by larger-than-life figures and driven by ambition, money, sweat, and dizzying social and technological changes.

Crepeau teaches a two-semester course in the “History of American Sport” at the University of Central Florida. He is a past-president of the North American Society for Sport History and has served on the editorial boards of several academic publications focusing on Sport.