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Paul Wendee

Paul M. Wendee & Associates
Managing Director

DR. PAUL M. WENDEE has been an investment banker, securities analyst, and private equity fund manager for 33 years. He is the Managing Director of Paul M. Wendee & Associates, LLC, a corporate finance, private equity, and management consulting firm. He is the creator and developer of value driver theory, which is a new way of understanding and strategically thinking about business. Dr. Wendee is a successful entrepreneur and management consultant and teaches courses in business, investments, and finance to university students, MBA students, entrepreneurs, and business managers. Dr. Wendee also founded the Value Driver Institute and Research and Educational Expedition Programs (VDI/REEP), a non-profit organization with a mission to conduct research on enterprise value driver theory and the enterprise value creation process; and to take the business incubator concept to places in the world where business incubators are not commonly found, but where they are needed the most. www.IVWealthReport.com.