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Mark Weber

Poverty, Inc.

The U.S. has positioned itself as the bastion of free-market capitalism and international charity, but hypocrisies run rampant as politically connected corporations and NGOs use the mechanisms of government to rig the rules of the game in favor of the multi-billion-dollar poverty industrial complex. “I see multiple colonial governors,” says Ghanaian software entrepreneur Herman Chinery-Hesse of the foreign aid establishment in Africa. “We are held captive by the donor community.”

Since winning the Grand Prize and the Audience Choice Awards at FreedomFest's Anthem Libertarian Film Festival in 2014, POVERTY, INC. has played in 30 international film festivals and at numerous top universities, transcending the political spectrum and attracting representation by RoCo Films, distributor of 16 Oscar nominated documentaries. Led by POVERTY, INC. Co-Producer Mark R. Weber, this workshop is designed as 25% presentation / 75% participatory dialogue on the topics addressed in the film and on the means by which the purpose and principles of a free society can be effectively communicated to broader audiences.


My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, July 11

4:00pm MDT