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Lou Petrossi

Wealth Research Institute
Renowned investment guru Louis Petrossi has more than three decades of experience as a leader in the financial service industry. Having served throughout his career as a registered investment advisor and wealth manager as well as a certified financial, estate and tax planner, broker, and dealer principal, Louis Petrossi has provided valuable investment research and consultation to investors in more than 80 countries worldwide. He is the founder of the Wealth Research Institute, a financial service firm that introduces clients to a global network of prestigious finance and investment professionals from major world financial centers. Serving individuals, families, and institutions requiring high-level wealth management, Petrossi's firm provides innovative, customized fiscal guidance and organization, with a service catalog that includes venture capital, hedge funds, private annuities, and Swiss annuities. Founded on Louis Petrossi's own pioneering investment philosophies, the Wealth Research Institute offers products from the Eight Pillars of Wealth, which include the Nobel Prize winning 70-20-10 Asset Allocation Model, Global Equities and Stock Picks, Passive Income, Pre-IPO and Private Equities, Global Real Estate and Joint Ventures, Wealth Preservation Structures, Health & Wellness - Alternative Healing Technologies and Products, and Personal Growth in a Dynamic Ever-Changing World. 

Louis Petrossi holds an MBA from the University of Hartford. Along with his entrepreneurial industry, Petrossi is the author of several acclaimed books that promote his wealth and investment philosophies and techniques, including The Richest Man in China, The Best Ways to Build Wealth, and How Ordinary People Become Millionaires.