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A.J. Delgado

A.J. Delgado is a columnist, lawyer, television commentator, political analyst, activist, and author. She has been described as a conservative with a strong independent streak. A.J. regularly contributes to the Miami Herald, where her writings appear in a bi-weekly column and her work has also been featured in The American Conservative, National Review, and various other publications and sites. She regularly appears on radio, online, and cable news shows. She published her first book, Hip To Be Square: Why It's Cool To Be A Conservative, in 2012.

A.J. received her juris doctor from Harvard Law School. Following graduation, she practiced law as a litigator in New York City, representing a variety of Fortune 500 companies.

The child of blue-collar Cuban immigrants, A.J. is a native Spanish speaker. In addition to writing and speaking about politics, she enjoys enjoys mixed martial arts and working to advance the cause of animal rights.