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Naomi Brockwell

Bitcoin Girl
Naomi Brockwell is an Australian actress, film producer, Austrian economics evangelist, and opera singer based in NYC. She is a producer at the Moving Picture Institute, policy associate at the New York Bitcoin Centre, serves on the Advisory Council at the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, contributor for Reason TV, CEO and founder of Rainsworth Productions, Media Liaison Officer for the Principality of Hutt River appointed by Royal Commission, and host of the IHS online academy “Learn Liberty.” Naomi is creator and host of Bitcoin Girl, former host of the Libertarienne Show, and works with Liberty.me on several projects including her “Positive Liberty” series, “Film Salon” and “From The Peanut Gallery.” She also hosts a monthly Austrian Economics reading group in NYC with the economics editor of Barron’s, Gene Epstein.

Naomi has been featured on Fox Business’ The Independents, and Stossel; the Larry Parks Show; the Peter Schiff Show; and in the Wall Street Journal, talking about Bitcoin and other economically-related topics.