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Featured Speakers

avatar for Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

Founder, The Blaze
avatar for David Boaz

David Boaz

Cato Institute
Executive Vice President
avatar for Deneen Borelli

Deneen Borelli

Conservative Review
Chief Political Correspondent
avatar for Yaron Brook

Yaron Brook

Ayn Rand Institute,
Executive Director
avatar for Patrick Byrne

Patrick Byrne

avatar for Brian Calle

Brian Calle

Orange County Register
Opinions Editor
avatar for T. Colin Campbell

T. Colin Campbell

Cornell University
avatar for Doug Casey

Doug Casey

Casey Research
avatar for Bert Dohmen

Bert Dohmen

Dohmen Capital Research
avatar for Dinesh D'Souza

Dinesh D'Souza

Author, Filmmaker
avatar for Keith Fitz-Gerald

Keith Fitz-Gerald

Money Morning & Total Wealth Research
Chief Investment Strategist
avatar for Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes

Forbes Magazine
Publishing Executive
avatar for John Fund

John Fund

National Review
avatar for George Gilder

George Gilder

Discovery Institute
avatar for Nick Gillespie

Nick Gillespie

Reason.com & Reason TV
Editor in Chief
avatar for Peter Goettler

Peter Goettler

Cato Institute
President & CEO
avatar for Angela Keaton

Angela Keaton

Director of Operations
avatar for Kennedy


Fox Business
avatar for Matt Kibbe

Matt Kibbe

President & CEO
avatar for Barbara Kolm

Barbara Kolm

Hayek Institute
avatar for Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman

Princeton University
avatar for Mike Lee

Mike Lee

United States Senator
avatar for John Mackey

John Mackey

Whole Foods Market
avatar for Daniel McCarthy

Daniel McCarthy

The American Conservative
avatar for Alexander McCobin

Alexander McCobin

President, Students for Liberty
avatar for Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore

Heritage Foundation
Chief Economist
avatar for Ian Morris

Ian Morris

Stanford University
avatar for Charles Murray

Charles Murray

American Enterprise Institute
Political Scientist, Author
avatar for Grover Norquist

Grover Norquist

Americans for Tax Reform
avatar for Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park

Human Rights Activist
avatar for Star Parker

Star Parker

Coalition for Urban Renewal and Education
Founder & President
avatar for Robert Poole

Robert Poole

Reason Foundation
Director of Transportation Policy
avatar for Lawrence Reed

Lawrence Reed

Foundation for Economic Education
avatar for Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio

Florida Senator
avatar for Rick Rule

Rick Rule

Sprott US Holdings
avatar for Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff

Euro Pacific Capital
avatar for Michael Shermer

Michael Shermer

Skeptic Magazine/ Columnist, Scientific American
Founding Publisher
avatar for Jo Ann Skousen

Jo Ann Skousen

Anthem Film Festival
Founding Director
avatar for Mark Skousen

Mark Skousen

Chapman University
Presidential Fellow
avatar for Donald Smith

Donald Smith

Donald Smith & Co
President & Chief Investment Officer
avatar for Joel Stern

Joel Stern

Stern Stewart & Co
Founder & CEO
avatar for John Stossel

John Stossel

Fox Business
Host, Journalist
avatar for Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel

Thiel Capital
avatar for Donald Trump

Donald Trump

The Trump Organization
Chairman and President
avatar for Jeffrey Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker

Foundation for Economic Education
avatar for Matt Welch

Matt Welch

Reason Magazine
Editor in Chief
avatar for Allen West

Allen West

National Center for Policy Analysis
President & CEO
avatar for Kevin Williamson

Kevin Williamson

National Review


avatar for Ziad Abdelnour

Ziad Abdelnour

Blackhawk Partners, Inc./Financial Policy Council
avatar for MaryAnne Aden

MaryAnne Aden

The Aden Forecast
avatar for Pamela Aden

Pamela Aden

The Aden Forecast
avatar for John Aglialoro

John Aglialoro

Cybex International
avatar for Keli'i Akina

Keli'i Akina

Grassroot Institute of Hawaii
avatar for Gary Alexander

Gary Alexander

Senior Writer
avatar for Carlos Alfaro

Carlos Alfaro

Marijuana Policy Project
AZ Political Director, Young Voice Advocate
avatar for John Allison

John Allison

Cato Institute, Wake Forest University
avatar for Janek Ambros

Janek Ambros

Director, Producer, Writer
avatar for Elizabeth Ames

Elizabeth Ames

Free Market Central.com and Think Tank Central.com
avatar for Knut Andersen

Knut Andersen

Swiss Metal
President & CEO
avatar for James Anderson

James Anderson

Foundation for Economic Education
Senior Development Associate
avatar for Robert Arnakis

Robert Arnakis

The Leadership Institute
Senior Director of Domestic and International Programs
avatar for Frank Attwood

Frank Attwood

Attwood as Edison
avatar for Frank Atwood

Frank Atwood

Approval Voting, USA
avatar for Omar Ayales

Omar Ayales

Gold Charts R Us
avatar for Lawson Bader

Lawson Bader

Competitive Enterprise Institute
avatar for Ronald Bailey

Ronald Bailey

Reason Magazine
Science Editor
avatar for Courtney Balaker

Courtney Balaker

Korchula Productions
avatar for Ted Balaker

Ted Balaker

Korchula Productions
avatar for Randy Barnett

Randy Barnett

Georgetown Center for the Constitution
Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Legal Theory and Director
avatar for Bob Barr

Bob Barr

Liberty Strategies
avatar for David Batchelder

David Batchelder

Defense and Aerospace Engineer
avatar for Robert G. Beard

Robert G. Beard

Jeffersonian Group
avatar for Bud Belcher

Bud Belcher

Southern Energy Group
Senior Vice President
avatar for Art Benjamin

Art Benjamin

Harvey Mudd College; Math Magician
avatar for Jayant Bhandari

Jayant Bhandari

Advisor, Writer/Editor
avatar for Rina Shah Bharara

Rina Shah Bharara

Rilax Strategies
Principal & Founder
avatar for Anthem Blanchard

Anthem Blanchard

Anthem Vault
avatar for Max Borders

Max Borders

Foundation for Economic Education
avatar for Bob Bowdon

Bob Bowdon

Choice Media
avatar for Adam Brandon

Adam Brandon

avatar for Erick Brimen

Erick Brimen

NeWAY Private Capital
avatar for Naomi Brockwell

Naomi Brockwell

Bitcoin Girl
avatar for Floyd Brown

Floyd Brown

Western Journalism
avatar for Eamonn Butler

Eamonn Butler

Adam Smith Institute
avatar for Chris Casey

Chris Casey

Windrock Wealth Management
Managing Director
avatar for Rich Checkan

Rich Checkan

President, Asset Strategies International
Investment Panel
avatar for John Chisholm

John Chisholm

Chisholm Ventures
avatar for Gregory Clark

Gregory Clark

UC Davis
avatar for Derek Cohen

Derek Cohen

Right on Crime
Senior Policy Analyst/Editor
avatar for Ari Cohn

Ari Cohn

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
Senior Program Officer
avatar for Charles C. W. Cooke

Charles C. W. Cooke

National Review
avatar for Jose Cordeiro

Jose Cordeiro

Singularity University; Director, Millennium Project
Founding Faculty
avatar for Stephen Cox

Stephen Cox

UC San Diego; Editor, Liberty Magazine
avatar for Richard Crepeau

Richard Crepeau

University of Central Florida
avatar for Marty Cummins

Marty Cummins

Florida EB-5 Investments
avatar for Aaron Day

Aaron Day

Atlas Society
avatar for Adrian Day

Adrian Day

Adrian Day Asset Management
avatar for A.J. Delgado

A.J. Delgado

avatar for Bill Domhoff

Bill Domhoff

UC Santa Cruz
avatar for James Doti

James Doti

Chapman University
avatar for Lynne Doti

Lynne Doti

Chapman University, Professor of Economics
Student Mini-conference
avatar for Nick Dranias

Nick Dranias

Compact for America
President and Exec Director
avatar for Rachel Campos Duffy

Rachel Campos Duffy

The LIBRE Initiative
National Spokesperson
avatar for Richard Duke

Richard Duke

Duke Law Firm
Counsel and Professor of Law
avatar for Rick  Durfee

Rick Durfee

Durfee Law Group
Senior Attorney
avatar for Terry Easton

Terry Easton

Group Publisher & Editor-In-Chief
avatar for Troy Eckard

Troy Eckard

Eckard Global
avatar for Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards

Cato Institute
Director of Tax Policy
avatar for Lee Edwards

Lee Edwards

Heritage Foundation
Distinguished Fellow
avatar for Ethan Eilon

Ethan Eilon

Entrepreneur, Political Professional
avatar for Marc Eliot

Marc Eliot

Hollywood Biographer
avatar for Kip Ellsworth

Kip Ellsworth

avatar for Ken Elzinga

Ken Elzinga

University of Virginia
avatar for Trent England

Trent England

Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs
Executive Vice President
avatar for Joseph Farah

Joseph Farah

Founder/Editor, CEO
avatar for Federico Fernandez

Federico Fernandez

Fundacion Bases
avatar for Peter Ferrara

Peter Ferrara

Heartland Institute
Senior Fellow
avatar for Tawni Ferrarini

Tawni Ferrarini

National Association of Economic Education
avatar for Ron C. Filer, Jr.

Ron C. Filer, Jr.

Hornet Corporation
avatar for Juan Federico Fischer

Juan Federico Fischer

Fischer & Schickendantz
Managing Partner
avatar for Alison Fraser

Alison Fraser

Charles Koch Institute
Managing Director of Research and Policy
avatar for Kevin Freeman

Kevin Freeman

National Security Investment Consultant Institute
avatar for Rebecca Friedrichs

Rebecca Friedrichs

Lead Plaintiff Friedrichs v California Teachers Association
avatar for Marc Gafni

Marc Gafni

Center for Integral Wisdom
Co-Founder, Author
avatar for Daniel Garza

Daniel Garza

The LIBRE Initiative
Executive Director
avatar for Carla Gericke

Carla Gericke

President, Free State Project
avatar for Steven Goldberg

Steven Goldberg

Manatt, Phelps & Phillips
avatar for John C Goodman

John C Goodman

The Independent Institute
Senior Fellow
avatar for Wayne Gorsek

Wayne Gorsek

avatar for Alexander Green

Alexander Green

Oxford Club
Chief Investment Strategist
avatar for Jon Green

Jon Green

Henley & Partners Canada Ltd
avatar for Adam Guillette

Adam Guillette

Moving Pictures Institute
President of Development
avatar for James Gwartney

James Gwartney

Florida State University
avatar for Stan Haithcock

Stan Haithcock

Stan The Annuity Man
avatar for Dale Halling

Dale Halling

Patent Attorney, Author
avatar for David Harriman

David Harriman

Falling Apple Science Institute
Director of Education and Child Welfare
avatar for Bryan Hertz

Bryan Hertz

Chairman, CEO, Co-Founder, Voxox
Cashing in on the Communications Revolution
avatar for Scott Hodge

Scott Hodge

Tax Foundation
avatar for Alison Holcomb

Alison Holcomb

National Director, Fair Justice Campaign
avatar for Will Howard

Will Howard

Joe Gandolfo PhD and Associates
avatar for Harvey Howell

Harvey Howell

High Gravity Resources
Consulting Geologist
avatar for Edward Hudgins

Edward Hudgins

The Atlas Society
Senior Scholar and Director of Advocacy
avatar for Michael Huemer

Michael Huemer

University of Colorado, Boulder
avatar for Craig Huey

Craig Huey

The Huey Report
avatar for Liz Jaluague

Liz Jaluague

Canadian Events Director
avatar for Gia Jandieri

Gia Jandieri

Founder & VP, New Economic School
avatar for Vít Jedlička

Vít Jedlička

Free Republic of Liberland
avatar for Sonnie Johnson

Sonnie Johnson

Fox News
avatar for Brian June

Brian June

USA Pioneer Equity Partners, LLC
Managing Partner
avatar for Aaron Justis

Aaron Justis

Buds & Roses Collective

Jeff Kalibjian

HP Enterprise Services
HP Distinguished Technologist
avatar for Rob Kampia

Rob Kampia

Marijuana Policy Project
Co-Founder, Executive Director
avatar for Steven Kates

Steven Kates

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
avatar for David Kelley

David Kelley

The Atlas Society
Founder, Chief Intellectual Officer
avatar for Zafar Khan

Zafar Khan

Founder & CEO
avatar for Katie Kieffer

Katie Kieffer

Let Me Be Clear
Entrepreneur, Author & Commentator
avatar for Mark Klugmann

Mark Klugmann

Presidential Commissioner
avatar for Alan Charles Kors

Alan Charles Kors

University of Pennsylvania
avatar for Robert Kuttner

Robert Kuttner

The American Prospect
Co-Founder & Co-Editor
avatar for Jim Lacy

Jim Lacy

avatar for Matt Ladner

Matt Ladner

Foundation for Excellence in Education
Senior Advisor of Policy and Research
avatar for Trevor Laky

Trevor Laky

Heritage Action for America
Southwestern Regional Coordinator
avatar for Dub Lawrence

Dub Lawrence

Crime Scene Reconstructionist; Activist
avatar for Patrice Lee

Patrice Lee

Generation Opportunity
Director of Outreach
avatar for Marc Levin

Marc Levin

Right on Crime
Policy Director
avatar for Ladar Levison

Ladar Levison

Founder, Lavabit
Protect the Internet
avatar for Chris Long

Chris Long

Intercollegiate Studies Institute
President & CEO
avatar for Leon Louw

Leon Louw

Free Market Foundation
Executive Director
avatar for Jim Lucas

Jim Lucas

avatar for Greg Lukianoff

Greg Lukianoff

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
avatar for Stephen Macaskill

Stephen Macaskill

Amagi Metals
avatar for Dan Mangru

Dan Mangru

The Global Advisory Group
Founder, Managing Director
avatar for Darren Marks

Darren Marks

Grom Social
Chairman of the Board & CEO
avatar for Zach Marks

Zach Marks

Grom Social
Founder & Creator
avatar for Jenny Beth Martin

Jenny Beth Martin

Tea Party Patriots
avatar for Rainelda Mata-Kelly

Rainelda Mata-Kelly

Rainelda Mata-Kelly Law Office
avatar for Lawrence J. McQuillan, Ph.D.

Lawrence J. McQuillan, Ph.D.

The Independent Institute
Senior Fellow
avatar for Axel Merk

Axel Merk

Merk Investments
President & CIO
avatar for Jared Meyer

Jared Meyer

Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
Fellow, Young Voice Advocate
avatar for Rodolfo Milani

Rodolfo Milani

Dominick & Dominick
Senior Managing Director
avatar for Joseph Wade Miller

Joseph Wade Miller

Heritage Action for America
South Central Regional Coordinator
avatar for Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller

Director of the Center for Business and Economic Research
avatar for Richard Miniter

Richard Miniter

American Media Institute
Chief Executive Officer
avatar for Daniel Mitchell

Daniel Mitchell

Cato Institute
Senior Fellow
avatar for Justin Mohr

Justin Mohr

The Justin Mohr Show
avatar for Robert P. Murphy

Robert P. Murphy

Mises Institute
Senior Fellow
avatar for Alan Murrell

Alan Murrell

Hornet Corporation
President & Owner
avatar for Whitney Neal

Whitney Neal

Bill of Rights Institute
Marketing Director
avatar for Bill Norton

Bill Norton

National Center for Constitution Studies
avatar for David Nott

David Nott

Reason Foundation
avatar for Matt Nye

Matt Nye

Republican Liberty Caucus
avatar for Keith Ochwat

Keith Ochwat

Documentary Foundation
Managing Director
avatar for Bradley Orr

Bradley Orr

avatar for Cesar Pailacura

Cesar Pailacura

Faculty of Economics
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