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Matt Edwards, dir. (24 min)

Sick and tired of seeing all the attention that comic book superheroes garner on the sidewalks of Hollywood Blvd., Virginia, a widowed grandmother with some disposable income, founded Wigs on Wheels. A group of historical re-enactors that travel around the city of Los Angeles in order to expose the public to real American heroes like Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, and Dolley and James Madison, the last of which is newly portrayed by the struggling out-of-work actor, Issac. Having to fake every bit of knowledge he has on Madison, lands Isaac in hot water with his counterpart playing Dolley Madison. The fetching and brilliant Rebecca plays Madison’s wife who eventually agrees to help Isaac learn all he can about the Father of the Constitution, at least to save herself from total embarrassment.Overzealous police, smart-aleck kids, and internal subversion are all present in this hilarious comedy.

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