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Searching for Eddie Running Wolf

Feature Documentary
Thomas Hartmann, dir. (98 min)

Who is Eddie Running Wolf? Many asked that question along the road as two likable documentarians searched for the elusive Native American artist. Legend
hinted of an artist so talented that he could carve anything out of a piece of wood. Rumors swirled throughout Aspen, Colorado, that he had raised a 125-pound tundra wolf to keep as his pet and companion. His flowing black locks were believed to have mystical powers over the female persuasion. Eddie Running Wolf was commissioned by an avid art collector and Randian Objectivist to carve a life-size marble nude of Ayn Rand’s iconic heroine Dominique Francon from The Fountainhead. But who ultimately controls the art: the one who commissions it, or the artist who designs it? Will Eddie honor his contract and finish his masterpiece? Or will his personal life and a dose of insanity get in the way of true greatness? What would Howard Roark do?

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Friday, July 10