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Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made

Talk about a dream come true... Over 30 years ago, a group of friends aged 11 and 12 decided to remake Raiders of the Lost Ark shot for shot, entirely from memory, using their parents' basements and backyards as studios and neighborhood kids as cast members. For seven years they spent their summer vacations reenacting the greatest adventure movie ever made. But they didn't quite finish: they weren't able to find a WWII airplane that someone would let them blow up, and they didn't want to settle for cheesy miniatures. Adulthood led to responsibility, but the dream never went away. Their fan film became an underground cult classic, but that unfinished scene gnawed at them. Finally this summer these now-middle-aged friends went back to their hometown in Mississippi and made it happen. Raiders! documents the project from start to finish in a film that is funny, dramatic, inspiring, and one of the best docs we've seen this year. It includes clips and interviews the boys made during their summers as well as interviews with John Rhys- Davies (the original Sallah) and a climactic scene you won't want to miss.